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                Management Team

                With the mentality education as the fundamental requirement, the management team of the trade company always adheres to the “Scientific Development Concept”, gives great importance to its capacity building, and focuses on improving working style and formulating regulations. By this way, the leadership will constantly enhance their political consciousness, sense of unity and responsibility, which will help to form a strong collective leadership featuring qualified political awareness, fruitful business performance, excellent coordination and good image of enterprises. The leadership has won the honorable title of "Four Virtues Leadership".Under the guidance of the grand goal and strategic vision of the company's “12th Five-year Plan”, the management team of the trade company will lead all cadres and staff to build the company into a comprehensively commercial internationally-famed platform, adhering to the concept of "Improvement and Collaboration” by way of developing three industries in the company, building famous brand and pioneering innovative force.