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                Your present position:Home->Business->Tendering Service
                Tendering Service

                Taking the operation concept of “Justice, transparent, standardized and high efficient”, and relying on honest and professional services, the business has obtained the recognition from customers and market, the value of “AVIC Bidding” brand has been greatly promoted, and the scope of the bidding business and the influence in the industry are expanding rapidly, the business includes three categories such as goods, projects and services bidding, at present, the company has established professional branches in multiple regions of the country for bidding business.

                The Company has been awarded four A level qualifications such as “International Bidding”, “Projects Bidding”, “Government Procurement”, and “Central Investment Projects”, and it is the only professional bidding agency with “Four A level qualifications” in the national defense industry system;
                The Company has been awarded as “an advanced unit of integrity and excellence in bidding agencies in 2009”.
                The company 2009, 2010 for two consecutive years among the annual "China's most competitive bidding agency top";
                The company won three consecutive annual "China top ten most influential bidding agency";