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                IT Application

                In order to vigorously promote marketization reform and develop IT business of the Company in a better way, the Company invested to establish Beijing AVIC Information Technology Co., Ltd. in 2004 as the development platform to actively develop network information service, software development, system integration and building intelligent engineering, sales of IT products, etc. Taking system integration and information service as the flagship businesses, thus promote the development of self-innovated products and sales of relevant products, provide complete solutions and comprehensive information service for enterprise informatization construction. The business network of the Company is Beijing centered and covering various regions of the country.


                The AVIC Information Company ranked into the top positions in “TOP 100 Growth Rank” of Zhongguancun in 2009 and 2010 respectively; in 2011, the Company was awarded as one of the top ten “Brilliant contribution enterprise for economic construction of Zhongguancun District”, vigorously promoting the building of “AVIC Information” brand value, and having significant meaning for the Company to realize better market environment and sustainable and rapid development.


                In 2010, AVIC Information Company successfully achieved the main exhibition system construction and operation project of China Aviation Pavilion for 2010 World Expo held in Shanghai by its braveness and pioneering spirit, overcame more than ten technological difficulties successively, among which, innovation in technology and management have made important roles in the project. The visitors quantity of the main exhibition system reached millions of people, lots of leaders from different countries, provincial and city level leaders, academician from the two institutions and domestic and foreign political and business personnel have visited and inspected the venue. Li Keqiang said after visit that the exhibition area of China Aviation Pavilion has integrated the most advanced exhibition show technologies in China at present, which is very characteristic with excellent visit and experience effects. Li Yuanchao also spoke highly of the brilliant architecture of the Aviation Pavilion, he thought the shape of the Aviation Pavilion is as graceful as white clouds; it has not only distinct aviation features, but also deep significance. The Aviation Pavilion for the World Expo has been awarded as one of the ten hot venues by media and aroused great response from society.

                Meet ambassador of Peru

                Construction of the world expo aviation museum project

                We have constructed the Education Center of Hangzhou Bay Wetlands and have designed

                Xiamen Chengyi Science and Technology Museum

                The qualifications are as follows