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                Industrial InvestmentIndustrial Investment
                Changzhou Ted Golf Products Co., Ltd.

                Changzhou Ted Golf Products Co., Ltd. (www.ted-golf.com) is a foreign trade production enterprise integrating research, production and sales of mechanical and electrical products together. The Company has strong self-research force and strict quality inspection procedures; the basic task is to provide the most excellent cart for the global golf sports. Its products are mainly sold to Europe, Australia, North America and Southeast Asia. The goal of the Company is to become the most famous company designing and manufacturing golf cart in the world.

                AVIC International Renewable Energy Co., Ltd.(www.avic-energy.com)

                AVIC International Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. was founded by joint investment of the Trade & Economic Co., Ltd. and AVIC International, etc., its registered capital was RMB 100 million, and the company is one of the key investment project of the Trade & Economic Co., Ltd. during the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period. The Company has actively made use of the global resources to face to international markets, and commit to take AVIC Industry and Chinese new energy to the world.