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                AVIC International Trade & Economic Development Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “AVIC International Trade & Economic Co., Ltd.” or “Trade & Economic Co., Ltd.”) is a state-owned enterprise founded on November 2, 1995 with the approval from the original Aviation Industry Corporation of China, State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, affiliated to AVIC International Holding Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “AVIC International”).

                China National Aero-Technology Import and Export Corporation (AVIC), the predecessor of AVIC International Holding Corporation (AVIC International), was established in 1979 as a large-sized state-owned enterprise owned by Aviation Industry Corporation of China, and its head office is set up in Beijing. At present, AVIC International has multiple holding or wholly owned subsidies, including eight listed companies, it has more than eighty overseas organizations across more than fourty countries and regions, and the customers of the company are from more than 180 countries and regions. The assets of the company have reached RMB 130 billion.

                The Trade & Economic Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in import and export trading business since its establishment, keeps to the road of developing by integrating military items with civilian products with the principles of “honesty, equality and mutual benefits”, established, kept and developed good cooperation relationships with broad domestic and foreign customers and governmental departments of multiple countries, the business is expanding all the time and has gained brilliant achievements. In 2004, a new development pattern mainly engaged in bidding business, network information business, wind power business and trade extension business formed gradually through business integration within the system in accordance with the new development concept, the developed businesses include bidding agency, cost consultation, construction supervision, import and export trading, network information service, computer software development, wind power generation and new energy business, etc.

                During the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, the Trade & Economic Co., Ltd. walked forward along with opening up, improved with innovation, and perfected itself with development, its main business has gained an excellent achievement: the accepted amount in bidding business has broken through RMB tens of billions Yuan, making the company become one of the ten bidding agencies with most influential power, the influential power of the “AVIC Bidding” brand is greater continuously; network information business is expanding well and developing over the general speed, which has entered into the growth rank of TOP100 in Zhongguancun, the main exhibition system of China Aviation Pavilion for the World Expo has obtained broad praises and has great influence; the wind power business is developing well through years of efforts made by the Trade & Economic Co., Ltd., with the supports of AVIC International, RMB 100 million was invested to establish a new energy company in 2010, which is high promising; in addition, the trading extension business has actively obtained progress, and provided great value-added services for customers and internationalization of network information business. In 2011, the Trade & Economic Co., Ltd. has realized the sales income as much as RMB 1.8 billion and obtained a good achievement with double income and profits.

                The Trade & Economic Co., Ltd. always adheres to the core concept of “people oriented”, deeply carries out scientific development perspective, pursues the joint growth of staffs with the enterprise, and develops and creates learning organization and traditional culture education activities in a long-term way, sets our thoughts free and freshens up our ideas through strengthening the education in market perspective and customer perspective with great force, trains its team by marketization way, arouses business passion, at present, the company has set up one management team working with high efficiency, keeping practical and dedicated, and a key team with excellent quality and pioneering spirit. The company always attaches importance to its basic management work, and has set up a complete management system including business management, credit management, financial management, quality management, remuneration and performance management, CCP building and culture management, etc.

                “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period is a key period for the Trade & Economic Co., Ltd. to realize forward development. Under the guidance of the development strategy of “Two Participations,Three Innovations, Five Approaches, Target of Sales of One Trillion.” formulated by the corporation and the strategy of “Keeping Superior and Leading” formulated by AVIC International, the Trade & Economic Co., Ltd. commits to build the famous brands of “AVIC Bidding”, “AVIC Information” in accordance with the development ideas of “Three businesses cooperation, value integration and creating a comprehensive trading platform with international influence”, strives to make the annual sales income over RMB 16 billion at the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, and becomes an innovative modern service enterprise with a fast-growing speed.